BeepBot Changelog (2nd Apr, 2023)

New command variables for mastodon and Twitch charity!

Note: Twitch bot update is planned for later today (02/04) as this requires a monitored update/rollout


  • Refactor: Update Twitch Auth-Scopes for Custom Bot-Users.
    • This is needed for the bot to perform its actions. So please go into your settings and re-auth any custom bot users.
    • Add:
      • moderator:manage:banned_users (Allow to manage timeout & bans)
      • moderator:manage:chat_messages (Manage chat messages)
      • moderator:manage:chat_settings (Mange chat settings)
      • moderator:manage:announcements (Manage channel announcements)
  • Fix: Update Twitch Follows Event Sub.
    • This requires users to go back to the dashboard and hit the button to re-sub for follow events. (As Twitch will remove support from the old version in a few months)


  • Added support for a new argument to be used in chat messages. These can then run commands on supported platforms. (To be documented on the Wiki)


  • Refactor: Update Twitch API calls for their recent chat-command change(s).
    • Most of the work here is done with the Twitch bot itself.
  • Feat: Support migrating Twitch Event-Subs to newer versions if needed.