BeepBot Changelog (2nd Mar, 2023)

New command variables for mastodon and Twitch charity!


  • Feat: Update to show the new arguments listed below.


  • Feat: Support to show the latest public status for a Mastodon account.
    • Note: The profile must be public and accessible via the mastodon network.
    • Example: {mastodon {touser}}
  • Feat: Support to show data relating to an active charity campaign on Twitch.
    • Example: We have raised {charity raised} ({charity progress}) for {charity name}!
    • {charity} - This will return the name, description & link to the charity.
    • Support fields: raised, description, name, progress, remaining, target, website
    • Note: To use this, please log out of the dashboard and back in with Twitch to update the scopes access.