BeepBot Changelog (20th Jan, 2023)

OVERLAYS! ban/unban events, Various fixes


  • Feat: Support Ban/Unban events from Twitch (Does require re-auth to allow the event to be subscribed too)
  • Fix: Link to Privacy Policy.
  • Feat: Overlays (Kinda!)
    • Now supported via IFTBT is “better” support to have more on your overlays. See below for a breakdown on what’s supported.
  • Fix: Error being thrown on the quotes page when editing older-quotes. (input validation crash)
  • Feat: Giveaways command generator now saves the previous selected platform. (Feedback Suggestion)


  • Fix: Various fixes and bits of old code. Also removed some lurking code from Mixer :(


  • Fix: Update some more deps. (Also saw some speed improvements from this)
  • Feat: Support new overlay changes.


  • IMPORTANT: You’ll need to update your overlay links by re-copying the overlay URL from the dashboard.
  • Now if your IFTBT with the Message or Media option you can select a specific overlay or all. To send media or text alerts to the overlay. This is basic support for now. But you can choose where the alerts should show along with colour support (if allowed).
  • Once you have updated or added support for overlay based actions/destinations you can test supported events to preview your alerts. These will ONLY work if you are using the updated URL which is mentioned above.
  • Wiki:

As always, please report any issues or suggestions in the relevant channels. Please note you may not get the updated dashboard right away due to how the roll-out process works.