BeepBot Changelog (29th Nov, 2022)

more command arguments, minor tweaks and a refactor


  • Feat: QOL to allow inputting the args at the cursor position when editing/adding a command message.
  • Feat: Add new settings in “General” to ignore the last user when running any kind of user-based entry game/system. (Allows them to be able to win again)


  • Refactor: Updated some args responses; such as weather to contain more relevant data etc..
  • Feat: Added some more arg support (See dashboard arg pop-up to see what’s new)


  • Refactor: Updated major lib to resolve a security issue.
  • Other: Minor tweaks and fixes over the code-base.

As always, please report any issues or suggestions in the relevant channels. Please note you may not get the updated dashboard right away due to how the roll-out process works.