BeepBot Changelog (3rd Oct, 2022)

It's a big boy


  • Feat: Add support for Ko-Fi integration.
  • Feat: Add support for Twitch Charity Events in IFTBT.
    • This does require a new scope, so please log out of the panel and back in with Twitch. Then enable the new “Charity Donation” event under Controls.
  • Feat: Add support for Patreon.
    • You can find this under Profile to link your Patreon account.
    • Supports new IFTBT events for new patrons & posts.
  • Fix: Add a few missing user constraints for keywords.
  • Fix: Correct save button state checking when editing constraints.
  • Fix: Handle errors better when creating integrations.
  • Fix: Clean up usages of service icons/images.
  • Fix: Clean up the login pop-up to be less “cramped”.
  • Feat: Add support for Picarto.
    • Supports custom user accounts. (Pro feature)
    • Supports Online, Offline, Follow & standard chat events.
      • User subscription events, will be added at a later date.
  • Feat: Add support for media destination.
    • This will enable users to have images show on the current overlay system, but also the upcoming system.
    • This is basic support to enable the functions to have images showing for various IFTBT events.
    • Please refer to the Wiki for more help on the topic. (Being added soon)
  • Refactor: Overlay dropdown for IFTBT now shows specific overlays or “all”. This for upcoming support to allow certain overlay events hit a specific overlay.
  • Feat: Add quick & easy buttons for users to get started with IFTBT.
    • Once you pick a source you’ll see easy buttons to create action flows without the need of using the wizard. This is for basic events which go from the source to the source. I.E. Twitch Follow -> Twitch Chat.
    • Please feel free to reach out in Discord to help with other default suggestions for various events/services.
  • Fix: Add missing docs for command arguments/parsers which have been added in the past.


  • Feat: Support Picarto.
  • Fix: Various updates to packages/security fixes.
  • Fix: Given the Discord bot some more cookies to help keep the connections stable.
    • This only affects anything using the Discord bot it self. Webhooks are not affected by this issue. Routed down to both a library issue & API issue with Discord. (Being monitored daily)


  • Feat: Support Twitch Charity events.
  • Feat: Support Patreon events.
  • Feat: Support Ko-Fi events.
  • Fix: Some various edge-casing issues.

Desktop App: 1.0.14-beta

  • Refactor: Update OBS API support.
    • OBS versions 27 & 28 are supported.
  • Fix: Connection state issues with OBS.
  • Fix: NanoLeaf talking issues.
  • Refactor: Support App Names to help users needing multiple desktop apps for their setup.
    • This will show in the drop-down listing for certain IFTBT events to allow sending actions to a specific app instance.
  • Fix: Switch to using another module for color picking.
    • The old one wasn’t user-friendly and was no longer maintained.