BeepBot Changelog (1st May, 2022)

OBS support via the Desktop App!


  • Feat: Add support for OBS scene changing.
    • This is our initial support for OBS remote support via the Desktop Application. Scene changing is the first item to support. Be sure to voice what you’d like to see in feedback!
    • There is also an event trigger when a scene changes to act.
  • Refactor: Remove the un-needed step in the IFTBT Wizard.
  • Fix: Various CSS fixes/tweaks.


  • Fix: Commands can be run by the channel owner if an allowed user list is defined.


  • Feat: Support OBS events.

Desktop App: (1.0.9-beta)

  • Feat: Add support for OBS Remote connection.

Note: The automatic connection of the OBS Remote, on the BeepBot App start, will be added soon. However, once configured when you click on the software tab in the application. We’ll try to connect to OBS.