BeepBot Changelog (27th Jan, 2022)

Pro is back!


  • Feat: Support new IFTBT for health reminders. This also comes with a new setting on the “Health” page.


  • Fix: Bug with cooldowns not applying causing an error with non-mods from running commands/events.
  • Feat: Support the ability to send commands to Trovo chat.


  • Refactor: Add new Trovo scope to allow the sending of commands to a channel.


When using the new feature to send commands to Trovo. You will need to do the following.

  • Log out of the dashboard then back in with Trovo to accept the new permission.
  • Ensure BeepBot has a “Supermod” to perform certain command actions.
    • If you want to allow the bot to toggle slow mode you will need to enable that permission in the “Permissions” tab when editing the Supermod role.
  • Create your command(s) and smile! 😄 Any issues with the aforementioned or anything else. Be sure to reach out to support!