BeepBot Changelog (10th Jan, 2022)

Various fixes, new Trovo Events (raided, resub, magic-chat, squad), Twitch Helix scopes!


  • Fix: Remove debug events on the dashboard page.
  • Feat: Add new Trovo events to IFTBT.
    • Raided
    • Re-Sub
    • Magic Chat
    • Squad (Join/Quit)
  • Fix: Sort IFTBT triggers by translated names.
  • Feat: Save the max rows into local storage. This will then load the previous state on a reload. Note: Saves per device.
  • Feat: New data added into tables are now shown at the top. This will only affect non-sorted tables. As the sorting overrides this functionality (pending another update) but the “most used” tables will use the new behavior.


  • Feat: Support new Trovo events.
  • Fix: Keyword cooldown is now channel-based.
  • Fix: Trovo now parses the supermod role correctly.


  • Fix: Update Twitch scopes to Helix-related ones.