BeepBot Changelog (4th Jan, 2022)

IFTBT updates for Trovo spells, built-in !so, !uptime, !followage



  • BREAKING: Trovo Spell Used is now broken into two events for Mana & Elixir. The old “Spell Used” event will no longer trigger. Please update the new event layout.
  • Tweaked the wording to explain IFTBT better.
  • Move the create button into the table listing. This follows the other tables. Dashboard:
  • Trovo Spell events will now show in the live panel. Settings:
  • Update the settings to allow disabling of built-in commands. Links:
  • Add a link to the Wiki in the main navigation.



  • Split the spell event into two separate events. (Elixir & Mana) Commands:
  • Add so (shoutout), uptime & followage as built-in commands.
    • These can be disabled or overridden with custom commands to change the wording.