BeepBot Changelog (25th Sept, 2021)

new minor features for specific areas of the bot!


  • Currency:
    • Feat: Support managing user’s currency. You can singular update a user or bulk update many users at once.
    • Fix: Add missing constraint support for Twitch Rewards & Hypetrain.
    • Feat: Support Regex constraint option. (Matches/Matches Not)
    • Feat: Add support to send outputs to Twitter. (Supported right now stream online/offline/game-change.)
  • Profile
    • Feat: Support linking Twitter accounts.


  • Fix: Validation error with the reminder command.


  • Feat: Support a new endpoint for manager currency users.
  • Feat: Support Twitter authing.
  • Fix: Missing check for resetting service user state.
  • Fix: Missing Trovo service changes check.