BeepBot Changelog (8th Sept, 2021)

The Twitch Update! #Events&Things

This update brings the BeepBot system over to the new Twitch Event system. The current system we use is going offline this week, so we’ve had to design/test and now push the new one out. The update comes with massive perks! We now have access to even more events as Twitch adds them. Including HypeTrain & Points Usage. We hope that the hosted event is added, along with clip-creation, in due time too. So, you’ll have more events to share with your fans.

Please see our announcement in regards to how to use the new event system.


  • Dashboard layout changes.
    • Help to streamline the pages out a bit. Also removes old/broken ones.
    • List new Twitch Events which the end-user to see the status if we are listening to events.
  • Show error states on custom bot users when token refreshing fails.
  • Add new Twitch triggers to IFTBT.
  • Add missing Trovo to commands dropdown.


  • Add bbot command with the following sub-commands
  • !bbot cq/clearqueue
    • Will purge the event queue on the bot side if you get a mass of events sent to the bot. Currently only used on Twitch.
  • Clean up some logging.
  • Remove old Twitch event handling.


  • Support new Twitch event handling & remove the old one.