BeepBot Changelog (26th Aug, 2021)

Fix Glimesh links and Destiny command

This is a small update today mostly to resolve an issue with Glimesh & update the Destiny Command. We have other updates coming soon, just awaiting some more changes!

Note: In regards to the Destiny commands. With the changes to their API. At the current time, it’s forced to use the new format. So if you have any commands right now, like aliases that link to the old format. You’ll need to update to use the latter.


Fix: Update Glimesh links. Fix: Destiny Command

  • Support new URL method as with the change to using “Bungie” accounts. I.E. TestUser#0001
  • Support setuser. You can now set your default Destiny account to use in the command(s). Example: !destiny setuser TestUser#0001. You can find your info in the game or on


Feat: Support setting provider-user specific data.