BeepBot Changelog (10th July, 2021)

Trovo, say what?

After the server upgrades and fixes to help make things even faster. We have this amazing addition to the service!

Trovo! Another streaming platform that creators are loving. So what are the details?

At the time of posting Trovo has a basic API. Unfortunately, this means some features are missing from BeepBot. But, we are supporting as much as we can right now. See the list after this block in regards to what’s supported.

As this is a new provider with little testing, please expect some issues. We’ll post here & on social about updates/problems in regards. But please ensure you let us know about issues. During the process of testing and watching the platform grow. We cannot give a 100% certain that the Trovo bot will be stable. Please report all and any issues to us in regards.


  • Chat Events (Commands, KeyWord)
  • Follow Events
  • Sub & Gift Events.
  • Re-Sub we are unsure about as there is nothing to say it’s a thing.
  • Spell Events. (Will be on the dashboard soon)
  • Protection Support.
  • Online/Offline Events.

Not Supported:

  • Game/Title Updates (Live)
    • The lack of API or live events is the blocker for this one.
    • These will update on our end when an on/offline event is detected.


Feat: Support Trovo. Refactor: Change the UI for giveaways to split the “claimed” keys from the main table. Fix: Make the command text input field to show all the text.


Feat: Support Trovo. Fix: Heist winning values missing commas. Fix: Catch odd errors with webhooks. Feat: Currency will now show how long till the user can claim the daily. Fix: The currency top will now filter to the provider from which the command came. This was showing data from another service. Fix: Currency handles errors from the API better.


Feat: Support Trovo. Fix: Keystore not returning data upon creation.