BeepBot Changelog (14th May, 2021)

New Features - Teams, Managers, and various fixes


  • Feat: Team Commands
    • Team owners/managers are now able to add commands to the team which anyone in will be able to call them from their own chat.
    • This is a feature making teams more useful and is the first step to adding more functions to them.
    • Users will be able to pick one team as their primary and this will be the one which commands will be checked against.
    • When calling a command the bot will check the team for that command before defaulting back to their own commands.
  • Fix: touser wasn’t behaving and using the default of the caller when another user wasn’t defined.
  • Fix: Round the currency value on some commands.
  • Fix: Check the wallet cap in some games.
    • No more earning over the cap now!
  • Fix: Handle edge case with protection module not handling custom language replies.
  • Feat: Support long role names when creating/updating commands with user level restrictions.


  • Feat: Allow setting a team as the users primary.
  • Feat: Allow creation of team commands.
  • Fix: Allow removing of a user from a team.
  • Fix: Tonne of missing/broken permission checking with access.
  • Refactor: Re-wrote the teams page(s) to be smoother and cleaner.
    • This also added in better support for managers access.
  • Feat: Managers (Account) Access.
    • You can now give managers permission to access part of your account to help manage your team(s).
    • This will expand as the demand is asked; as features are added to the dashboard.
    • As this is really new please report any issues yourself or managers notice!
  • Feat: When selecting a channel to manage the last one managed will appear in the top of the listing.
  • Feat: Update some UI elements to make showing your managing a channel more obvious.
    • We also updated some lang/wording to help this stand out more.
  • Other: Various other CSS tweaks & lang updates.
  • Other:
    • The Wiki is being updated with more information about the bot, along with command usage etc…
    • In time some items will be removed from the dashboard to the Wiki for easier updating along with community help.
    • You can visit the Wiki at

Known Issues

  • We have re-written the entire permissions/scopes checks on the dashboard & API. So you can may face some bugs or your managers.
    • Please do report these ASAP so we can resolve them.