BeepBot Changelog (2nd Mar, 2021)

This is a small but "big" update for BeepBot which adds support for Glimesh!


  • Support linking your Glimesh Profile to your current BeepBot Account.
    • Due to limitations on the Glimesh API we are unable to offer log-in via the site. Once this is resolved however log-in support will be added. Otherwise at current you’ll need to login via your Twitch account.


  • Support Glimesh.
    • Most features of the bot are supported. As the Glimesh API matures more features will be added to match what is offered on Twitch. Maybe even more!
    • At current this is what is supported.
      • Channel Updates (Title, Game, Online State)
      • Channel Follows
      • Chat Messages
        • All your commands should work as normal. Some features will lack as support is added.
        • Timers, Currency all work out of the box.
      • All the other items will be added on due corse as the API matures.
  • Commands
    • Resolve an issue with command costs invalating command execution.
    • Fix an issue with urlfetch not re-building the URL when used with custom args.
    • Fix an issue with allowed users being reversed.


Don’t forget if your facing an issue with something. Be sure to reach out to our friendly support team!