BeepBot Changelog (23rd Feb, 2021)

It's been a while since we last released an update. But smaller changes are being pushed in the background all the time. To ensure things run as smooth as they can, with the odd bug fixes here and there.

What is new? A lot. So here we go!


A complete overhaul of the codebase, also upgraded to newer package versions to ensure we’re using the best.

  • General:
    • CSS fixes and styling changes across the site.
  • Currency
    • Redesign of the currency pages.
  • Commands
    • You can set a currency cost.
    • You can only allow picked users to run them.
    • You can now create Discord Embed style responses.
    • Support: {randomuser} this will pick users in chat. (Discord is supported too for users in the channel)
    • Arguments wizard will now add at the cursor position.
    • Decreased the size of the arguments icon.
  • Timer
    • Re-Ordering Tickers now doesn’t break the actual ordering.
    • Support selecting the “tweet” command.
  • Other
    • Support the Twitch VIP role as its role now. We no longer automatically flag VIPs as regular. You will now need to toggle the VIP role in protection.
    • Support opening the editor direct to the actions view.
    • Quality of life changes to autofocus the name field when making changes.
      • Support currency action on certain events.
  • Schedule
    • Various fixes.
  • Giveaway
    • You are now able to start giveaways right from the dashboard!
  • Auto-Host
    • The page has been removing pending further review if this feature should be supplied via BeepBot.
  • Settings
    • Settings that have text fields will revert to the default value if they are saved empty.
  • Vault
    • The auth process has now been changed to require the users to log in via our own API. However, this does not mean the user needs to create a Beep channel. That is optional, they can simply log-in via Twitch to start. Then add Discord as a link to see all the data from currency/giveaways keys.


  • Resolved an issue where kicking the Discord bot will update our systems now.
  • Alias arguments no longer go missing.
  • Regex-like support for banned words is now supported.
  • Custom URI: Tweaks
  • Add more increased support for the headers to send more data to third-party providers.
  • Fixed an issue when parsing the special argument.
  • Schedule: Fix command not using language translations.
  • URLFetch: Increased the max-length depending on the platform now. (Discord has a higher limit at this time)
  • Destiny: Support the bungienet platform when using the command. This allows picking the right user when a common name is used with Steam/Xbox.
  • Reminder
    • These are like timed commands to go off after the time set.
    • Usage: !reminder [time] [message] Example: !reminder 1hr I need to change the laundry
  • Found some old Mixer code which sadly needed removing. Is Sad.


This system has had a complete refactor. We’ll go over some of the main changes.

  • Custom currency naming. Also is used for the command name.
  • Standard users can have 2. Pro users can have 4.
  • New options to help refine things.
  • Better boosting system.
  • Wallets are now optional.
  • Many other changes.

More information can be found on our Wiki: